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Chamart Limoges

Chamart was the first company in the United States to produce museum quality Limoges Boxes. Boxes marked with the Chamart name are considered to be superior in design, craftsmanship, content, painting, and construction. Many of the molds and hinges are exclusive. According to Thomas Waterbrook-Clyde, author of The Decorative Art of Limoges Porcelain & Boxes, buying from a reputable firm like Chamart ensures you “…can’t go wrong in terms of quality and value.”


Dating from the late 1960s. Hand decorated in cobalt enamel on a white field.

Chamart was the brainchild of founder, Charles Martine. The name ‘Chamart’ is a contraction, a combination of Martine’s given name and surname. Creating the company in the early 1950s, Martine was the first to bring a variety of French porcelains to the United States. In 1965, he introduced the Limoges Box to the American market, designing a collection for Tiffany & Company. It was immensely popular and quickly became the cornerstone of Chamart’s business. Martine’s marked taste, devotion to crafting quality, and insistence that each piece be meticulously handpainted from start to finish, made the Limoges Box become a product for which Chamart is now world famous.

Chamart’s President and CEO, Leny Davidson, is the niece of the founder. Ms. Davidson shares her uncle’s passion for exquisitely executed Limoges Boxes, as well as fine porcelains and antiques. She is committed to advancing the Limoges Box as an art form and to setting the standard for integrity against which all Limoges porcelain is to be discerned. In an effort to preserve Chamart’s unique heritage, Ms. Davidson is creating a museum of Vintage Chamart - a collection of all the boxes that Chamart has made throughout the years. Current pieces will be added as limited and collectible editions are introduced so that the gallery is kept up-to-date

Chamart’s unparalleled reputation is built upon the Limoges Box, yet Ms. Davidson’s insight into today’s upscale marketplace has led to the expansion of the company’s offerings. A full line of French bath and boudoir accessories, stationery, dinnerware, handpainted decorative items, fine prints, elegant service ware, and beaded flowers, handmade as they were in France years ago, are now available to discriminating buyers.

Ms. Davidson’s commitment to aesthetic beauty, fine workmanship, and exceptional quality can be seen in all of Chamart’s line of luxurious products for the home.

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